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MMDance - Rest

This video was produced in cooperation with other creative suppliers of wedding services, florists, wedding dresses salon, restaurant, our studio and photographers. This project carried out by the bridal magazines for beautiful pictures on the cover.

The organizers of the shooting did not specify when it will be shot, agreeing with me as far - reaching perspective activity. As a result, on the day I was busy shooting, and the shooting has been sent to my colleague assistant Volodya. I knew Vladimir not very long ago, he said that he was coming to shoot on BMW. He help to me with that car. The Car is about to fall out the exhaust pipe , and will be heard from a distance as he rides. I warned organizers about who to pass to the shooting. Volodya , of course, came with BMW, but not on the green, he use BMW the existence of which I did not know, the silver and the new 740. We were treated on project as jokers. He became my submission take this car the bride and groom at a wedding, much cheaper than conventional entrepreneurs of this case, Volodya loves the atmosphere of the wedding day.

Returning to wedding video I must to point about Vladimir he did not mouth back and did very well with this task, I have arrived at the shooting of the second set of redressing. I was very sorry that I missed most of the shooting, but at the time of montage, I was pleasantly surprised that our wedding video contains more fragments caught by Volodya than mine. From the series always takes such pseudo wedding video, it turned our very best. And we are proud to show it to you.