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Wedding reportage: attention, noninterference and observation.

  • MMDance - Rest

  • Wedding reportage, Michael Tye

  • Wedding reportage. Ira and Kostya

  • Wedding reportage. Paul Allen and Crimea, Foros, Sevastopol. September 8

  • Sergei and Anna. wedding reportage

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To be perfectli honest, we do not filming wedding reportage as a point of reportage. This happens when we are called to take wedding photos and embarrassed to sing Marrioke but want in a wedding video memorializing the events occurring during the day. We take the report in a heartbeat, if we previously filmed Love Story, for us and for newlywed this report becomes an additional chance to play. But, in any case, we will still adhere to the rules of reporting : attention, noninterference and observation. In wedding reportage any parent tear more important than staged kisses, spins and strokes of bride ammunition details.

We present you some wedding reportages. In proposed materials, the most important is the attitude of the newlyweds to each other. Only one report is not irrelevant to the wedding video. But is directly related to the wedding industry - report MMDance - Rest. This is the perfect report in which beautiful girls all the time makeup and redressed, that in itself is interesting. This video - a joint work of several teams working on the wedding celebrations.

We want our wedding video watched day and night, not only to their participants. This is a very difficult task to which we strive with all our hearts . More important to note that shooting a wedding reportage always occurs without pre-selected piece of music, and we are working with the bride and groom make a decision after that and how we use for scoring. Perhaps this is the main feature of this kind of wedding video.