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Katia and Taras, Marryoke

Katya and Taras, wedding video clip based on Fergie - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)

Usually we charge Marrioke training day, unfortunately, we have failed to dock schedule for conducting rehearsals. And had to start shooting wedding video directly at the wedding, but the script has already been laid out and shooting plan was ready. Weather tried fouling as she could, and the cold drizzle and ate our shooting time. We were ready for such tests, and therefore the storm affected only taking photos as a wedding photo frame still requires Sunbeam.

The bride and groom and the entire wedding company were glad to shoot, shooting a wedding video can be a celebration not only for us but also for those who work in it actor. The result we present to you here, see this wedding music video and enjoy. Toggle the YouTube mode Full HD.