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First Marrioke. Sasha and Ruslan

Remembering work with these newlyweds, I fulfilling them with warmth and respect for their determination. After all, we have for them was naked enthusiasm lacking experience filming a similar product. Actually, this is a wedding video was our first experience with Marrioke. We shot everything we wanted, but due to bad weather we were unhappy with the footage, and offered to reshoot some fragments in May with the sun, grass and leaves . Need to write a few words about the song selected newlyweds for their wedding video . We tried to offer to newlyweds Perfect Day, by BBC, but they chose the song of Ani Lorak and Rodriguez. The main feature of this song is its duet, so we do not load our guests and the bride and groom take the brunt of the whole work performance , it complicates their lives. But here, we figured out how to attract guests to work - groan and sigh not so difficult.