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Wedding video in Kiev, Per and Galya Perfect Day, by BBC

{youtube}8XfKaG0eLHU{/ youtube}

We were very lucky with these Newlyweds. Together with them, we produced our first adaptation Lou Reed song Perfect Day. In 1997 BBC make multi-voice version. In recording of this song take part live classics of the time - Lou Reed , Elton John , David Bowie and more than 20 British and Irish outstanding performers . For the wedding video this song started to use by British wedding video artist. We just developed they idea.

It should be noted that the complexity of this project is very hight. Actually to bring together this wedding video is ned to catch 36 solo fragments and 6 choir . We are very worried due to luck of time, but filming parts piece by piece. On this day we were unable to mount a clip , as crews work was finished quite late. But experience has been gained huge . The next day were already thousands of video views on the Internet. That is now turned gentle and kind wedding video.