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Wedding video Marrioke. Tatiana and Sergey, SDE

The newlyweds chose the song Ani Lorak and Rodriguez. This song is very dynamic and in some places requires hard work performers - there is in it a couple of tongue twisters that complicate it. We overcame patters on a training day. It is first time we use training day for Marryoke.

At the wedding, except the heat was nothing to prevent us, and guests, as, indeed, and his Majesty the case, helped us. We received from the generous space of the rainbow and white grand pianos in the square, it is a very decorated our wedding clip .

By the end of the wedding, we had to mount the show and movie. It was the first wedding clip shown us right at the wedding. Many thanks to the newlyweds, we have honed our skills at the wedding and we made the product which we are proud.