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Ira and Maxim . Marryoke

Although this wedding video was conceived by us as Marrioke, it turned out very difficult and improbable. In the context of the mighty happenings prevailed during the trip all planned rip off and product get something else. This clip is superposition of all three genres Love-story, Marryoke and wedding reportage. But fragments of the plan itself can be traced , and that gives us the right to call Marrioke clip.

Song choice was, paradoxically, actually like the manner of execution of this song Natalia Vetlitskoy together with a group Nogu Svelo. This cheerful song about the fact that we will never meet, through travel and distance. But the right idea turned into parting farewell to unnecessary people and geographical names turned into adventure. Portions of this wedding video we shot in Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Kiev.