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Hilarious wedding video SDE. Filmed in Kiev

This wedding video is unformatted and does not fit in the normal scope of a wedding craft. We specifically violated all the traditions, that the wedding video was more provocative as possible. We say, I mean the bride and groom as well. Groom, in general, himself from Donetsk. Since he is the leading holidays , it is easy track finished with 95 quarters , making a few changes - in fact, changed the " new year " to " wedding " added fragments of popular songs, and audio series turned out longer.

Separately want to note the complexity of implementation. In the video, more than 50 replicas. What happened, I would characterize as a wedding comedy club. Guests supported massive fun and very well played along with us. Wedding video was ready and already demonstrated at the wedding. Everyone laughed happily and asked to show the video again.