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Evgeniy and Anna , Perfect Day SDE.

Thank you so much guys for having us. This wedding video was filmed by an unusual pattern for us . We shot a normal training day . But first , we have prepared another scene , so that you can then combine it with the removed at the wedding.

Pre-shooting day allows us to lower the voltage at the wedding, as the first verse is ready to it. We spend the wedding day shooting the remaining material for a wedding video and then can retake the first, if there at this time.

Mounted first verse or song can be used like invitation for a wedding day, and it can be attributed to a single wedding video. Since it is completely self-contained and complete in composition , it can be sent to guests via email as an invitation to the wedding, creating more intrigue and preparing them to participate in Marrioke.

I would like to note that this clip is SDE (same day edit ). Service of this kind can only provided by masters of their craft, modest and скромные wedding workers.