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Marryoke - what is it?

  • Ira and Maxim . Marryoke

  • SDE. Pharrell Williams - Happy, Olya Yaroslav

  • Wedding video in Kiev, Per and Galya Perfect Day, by BBC

  • The Offspring – Pretty Fly, SDE

  • LMFAO, Marryoke, SDE

  • Evgeniy and Anna , Perfect Day SDE.

  • Wedding in pirate style

  • First Marrioke. Sasha and Ruslan

  • Hilarious wedding video SDE. Filmed in Kiev

  • Wedding video Marrioke. Tatiana and Sergey, SDE

  • Katia and Taras, Marryoke

  • Perfect Day Vladimir and Anna, SDE

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The word Marryoke comes from the crossing words marry and karaoke. The idea of this method of shooting the wedding video was borrowed from the British. We slightly increase control on actors during filming, and this give too us more good emotion and reality.

So, we promise to do on your holiday :

  1. Maintaining your good mood , constantly shoot fragments clip in the morning : the groom at the home preparation and his morning duty, shoot the bride morning preparing for the registrar and a walk.
  2. Since taking over the restaurant, we proceed to montage of clip in case of SDE. But shooting fragments clip continues as long as we do not take off all the parts to compleat the plan.
  3. We will prepared clip before the wedding is finish on wedding cake.

As a result, you get a emotional video that you want to watch again and again, plus the delight and gratitude of spectators and participants of this project. It is remembered for a long time.

Problem / QuestionAnswers
We can not sing :( Yes , actually, it is not necessary. Your task is to be in a good mood and a little focus, and professionals will sing for you.
Our relatives do not want to sing. As shown, this does not happen. At the first shooting Marryoke we persuaded relatives and friends, and now we are doing so that they want to sing. To do this ahead of time we filming the first verse with your participation, and the first verse clip is an invitation for guests and a call to work on the full version.
We feel the camera is uncertain. To avoid of this, we have a first day for filming training invitation clip of first verse, and we outgrow it. For details, see the previous line in the table .
We like the song, but the relatives did not know English. And this is generally not a problem , we know how to shoot without good English.