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Tea for two. Love story.

The newlyweds loved the idea of taking pre- wedding video, then to show it at the reception in the restaurant. This move was the perfect part of wedding and show powerful creative component of newlyweds life.

It preparation process we found that in the life of the newlyweds there are parallels, and we decided to put it in the script. They walking nears and do not notice each other, but miracle happens and life changed. We shot a number of parallels with a happy ending.

During filming day my friends who came from America for a few weeks help us very much. In the wedding video, they played the role of friends of newlyweds, and their children took the child parallel part of the script.

Most likely, we can be accused of excessive zeal, we filmed out a lot of stories. But in the general flow of the wedding video is perceived very cool and creates a very pleasant memories of the day of the shooting.