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LoveStory, Dream of Olga

First of all, I want to thank the newlyweds for the opportunity to filming LoveStory, where for the first time my usual role of wedding photographer, I changed to the wedding director. Already in this wedding video we worked on all the rules of cinematographic process - created and implemented a scenario made up of the shooting . This allowed us to change the 5 locations and capture more than 60 fragments, of which we put together this wedding clip.

Since we have thoroughly studied the issue of relations of newlyweds, we apply this knowledge to the scenario. We propose locations to shoot newlyweds prepared the costumes and the whole entourage of the cast day. All preparation has led to a great shooting. This enabled quickly and efficiently implement the shooting plan, and as a result - tears of parents and a lot of emotions of the guests. Wedding video was seen at the reception with big warm.