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Love Story

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This genre of wedding video should be used if you are very creative people. We promise you to maintain your creative impulse and realize your ideas. A mere desire. We connect to the creative process and will prompt scenario moves and make preparations for the process of shooting. Actually, most of filming day precedes the script writing and drawing a shooting plan. Both of these actions are the very important ingredients for success.

Scenario should reflect your outlook and be implemented on the basis of your Producing opportunities. If you can afford the appearance of an aircraft carrier in the frame of the "Nimitz" painted with pink paint , let us - we will be happy to catching such a beautiful nature. The most important thing you should remember - the possibility of adaptation is in time and your limitations and our resources.

The filming plan is made based on the scenario, and its main goal streamline operations throughout the shooting day for the most economical and rapid achievement of the goals. As the scenario, the plan reflects your financial possibilities, but instead of describing scenes it contains information about who provides and how this scene : who rent a location where we take the suit, how much it costs , and so on . Survey design is illustrated storyboards - dial plans that need to shoot . Deletion of the captured plans storyboard significantly improves mood when shooting a wedding video.