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What kind of video we are filming?

  • Marryoke - what is it?

    Marryoke - clip of yours desire, in same day edit SDE Read More
  • Love Story

    A specially prepared clip to wedding day. Read More
  • Wedding reportage

    Wedding reportage is good way to memorized a day Read More
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I work as a wedding photographer since 2007. When in my hands appeared Canon 5d mark II, I began to think about his second possible application - use it also as a film camera . That's from 2009 , I record wedding video using this camera LoveStory for Olya and Vlad. After this wedding video, I began regularly offer newlyweds Love Story filming. One good friend of mine showed me a funny wedding clip, of English video masters. These people did Marrioke, fun process that included the whole wedding in a game to record a clip. Newlyweds and their guests do not need to be masters of singing, just try to sing to the beat, being joyful and happy (this is a major ). New technology give possibility to bring together clip as fast as newer before. Clip will be available on end of the wedding reception to the cake. Guests , seeing the result , certainly will be delight, and counter in social network will overflow. What about shooting a wedding reportage, usually we take reports as an additional job to take or Marrioke or Love Story. The accumulated weight of the material has enabled me to create this site and organize all the wedding video you shoot by me and my colleagues.